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Sam, Your 1960s Girl ™ doll

Hello, my name is Sam Liron. My mother is Clementine Harper - you might have seen her, with her bright red bob and read about her adventures during the war, when she and her best friend caught a Nazi spy. Anyway, I’m about to turn thirteen. I was born in Paris in the huge hotel where I live with my parents and I’m obsessed ...

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Sam Your 1960s Girl doll from A Girl for All Time

Clementine, Your 1940s Girl ™ doll

'My name is Clementine Harper. My brothers and I have been sent to stay in a large, crumbling house in the countryside to keep us away from the bombing in London. We miss our mum and dad. We even miss sheltering in Camden Town Underground station at night. But I have made a friend here - she's a long way from home too. And we've be...

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Clementine, Your 1940s Girl ™ doll

Amelia, Your Victorian Girl -16 inch doll

'My name is Amelia Elliot. Just an ordinary school-girl in Victorian London. I’m looking forward to my thirteenth birthday when I’m going to inherit the family travelling trunk bequeathed to every first born girl, by my great great great…..well so many greats I lose count…grandmother Matilda. A gypsy at th...

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Amelia Your Victorian Girl doll by A Girl for All Time

Lydia, Your Georgian Girl™

This is me, Lydia... "Ouch and botheration!" Lydia Peyton had pricked her finger and a few drops of blood dripped onto the pale yellow of her skirt. She was sitting in the walled garden of their new townhouse and she was feeling strange. Even stranger than usual. She had got used to the idea of probably never seeing home again. En...

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Lydia, Your Georgian Girl™

Matilda, Your Tudor Girl ™ doll

'My name is Matilda Marchmont.Two days ago I would have said that I had the most boring life in the world, but ALL THAT HAS CHANGED. The day after my thirteenth birthday I left my sleepy country home and family to travel for three freezing cold days on horseback to London...to join the glamour and craziness of Henry VIII's court. I've...

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Sale Matilda, Your Tudor Girl ™ doll

Matilda, Your Tudor Girl ™ doll

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About A Girl for All Time

'We believe there is so much to celebrate about being a girl and we’re passionate about creating gorgeous dolls and books as intelligent and creative as the girls who inspire us.'

Our goal is simple: to design and produce gorgeously crafted dolls and books that celebrate being a girl in an intelligent way and inspire a lifetime of play and creativity.  

Our first range  - Your Historical Girl™  - is a series of dolls and novels follow the lives of girls in the fictional Marchmont family through 500 years of intrigue and adventure, from the grisly fifteen hundreds to the swinging nineteen sixties.   Our newest range - Your Modern Girl™ - a collection of dolls with unique personalities who are all best friends and live in contemporary London.

Welcome to the world of A Girl for All Time ® 

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