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Meet Matilda, Your Tudor Girl ™ doll

This is me, Matilda....

'Two days ago, I would have said that I had the most boring life in the world, but all that has changed! The day after my thirteenth birthday, I left my sleepy country home and family in Norfolk to travel for three freezing cold days on horseback to London, to join the glamour and craziness of Henry VIII's court. 

My only friend here is my secret diary, which is keep hidden in the compartment of my travelling trunk. But I can share it's pages with you, if you can keep it a secret, too...' 

Matilda is part of the historical collection of gorgeous playdolls, costumes and accessories from A Girl for All Time.

Crafted to inspire a lifetime of play and imagination, all our dolls and doll costumes are the perfect gift for someone special. 


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