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This is me, Elinor.... 

'Elinor head her handkerchief over her nose as the carriage clattered over the cobbles. Her mother had drenched it in clove oil before she left home because it was supposed to keep you from catching the plague... She knew she was being sent away to safety but she felt homesick already. 

As they passed the Globe Theatre she felt another pang. It was the most exciting place in the world, and she was leaving it all behind. 

She stroked the jet-black kitten curled up on her lap. 'What on earth are we going to do in a castle in the countryside, Shakes? Phoebe and Cressie told me it's haunted...'

Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl™ is part of the historical collection of gorgeous dolls, costumes and accessories from A Girl for All Time. 

Crafted to inspire a lifetime of play and imagination, all our dolls and doll costumes are the perfect gift for someone special. 

Try our 'Elizabethan Things To Do!"   Read Elinor's Secret Diaries Here